Stylist Guide: Window Shopping Outfit

I love Vancouver during the holidays.  I go to every mall in search for that perfect gift.  While most family request cash or gift cards, I still go out of my way to get that one gift to bring a smile to the ones I love.  So, what to wear?  This look is more for the indoor window shopper.  Ladies, we may be in our 30’s+ but we don’t need to look frumpy.  If you’re like me, you can spend up to 4-5 hours just walking around the mall.  Additionally, you may also find items for yourself and not for your friends or family.  Sad, isn’t it?  I like this look.  It’s a bit edgy but a person our age can pull it off.

<div><a href=”;.mid=embed&amp;id=13370284″><img width=”400″ alt=”Richmond Princess” src=”; title=”Richmond Princess” height=”400″ border=”0″ /></a><br/><small><a href=”;.mid=embed&amp;id=13370284″>Richmond Princess</a> by <a href=”;.mid=embed&amp;id=1128597″>30somethingmom</a> featuring <a href=”;category_id=2″>Missoni</a></small></div&gt;


Christmas Party Dress – The Conclusion

Bebe Black strapless DressAfter a long walk down Robson St., I took a quick peek into Bebe.  And, right there was the dress!  It was like a light was shining on it and the voice of Josh Groban was belting out “Alleluia!”?!?! What!?!? Anyway, the dress fit perfectly.  I didn’t wear the belt shown in the picture.  I did however pair my black strapless dress with red peek-a-boos and black clutch.   Would you believe there were over 1000 people at this party?  1,890 people – to be exact.  I spotted quite a few recycled bridesmaids’ dresses.  Not that it’s bad… I mean, I was going to do the same thing too.  It’s just the shopoholic in me that can’t allow me to wear the same dress twice.  So sad, I know. And, with regard to my purple dress post, I was right!  Almost everyone had worn a purple cocktail dress.  Another popular look was the leopard print.  With Robert Cavalli’s recent H&M release, it’s no wonder so many woman showed off their wild side with the animal patterns.  All in all, I was happy with my choice and the party was real fun.   

ISO: Christmas Party Dress cont’d (4 days left)

christmas party dress

I have 4 days to find a dress.  And, I’ve narrowed it down to seven choices (see above)  I know that I want a short dress.  Because it’s a party of over 1000 people I do want to stand out in the crowd, but at the same time I don’t want to get the I-can’t-believe-she-wore-that look.  I just wanted to get some opinions/feedback on what you would wear to your husband’s Christmas party.  Help!

Layering: Long Tee inside a Dress

dress.jpgI love the colder seasons mainly for the countless layered looks I can pull off.  One look in particular is the thin tee inside a twill or knit dress.  Please keep in mind your color palette.  I’ve been in art classes all my life and I incorporate my knowledge of the color wheel when dressing my clients or even picking outfits for myself.   Keep the colors within the same tones or shade.  Think of pairing different shades of grey together or lilac with plum.  Try to stay away from bright bold colors that will make you look like a walking crayon.  Also, if you’re short like me, bright crayon colors will only make you look like a child ~~  just a tip from a fellow vertically challenged person.

Seven ChiChi Styles for Winter

1. Extra Long Scarf:  Whether it’s a knit or a silk scarf, I’ve always been a fan of this simple accessory which adds an instant glam factor.

2. Blazer over a cocktail Dress:  While we associate cocktail dresses with femininity, why not switch it up by adding a masculine touch?  A black tuxedo blazer matches just about every color in the rainbow.  I suggest a cropped style, rather than a waist length blazer.

3. Dip Dyed Tops/Dresses:  This is in no way associated with the typical hippie tie dyed look.  I’m seeing a lot of dipped inspired styles which are quite subtle and simple.

4. Knee length dress + skinny belt: Last year it was all about the fat leather belt.  This season we’re seeing a lot of skinny belts synching the waist and adding a great shape to the female form.  A popular material for this winter is the patented look.

5. Nude Heels: Whether you opt for the peep-toe or a typical pump, nude is the “it” color.  Not only is it a great everyday shoe, it also helps elongate the leg.

6. Plaid Pants:  I suggest if you’re a bit heavier on the legs you not attempt this trend.  The plaid will only make you legs look larger.  However if you are like 5% of the skinny women on the earth, then this trend will add a rock & roll chic to your wardrobe.

7. Jeweled Necklines:  A great way to add sparkle to any outfit.  There is no need for a necklace as your neck is already crested with bling.  We’re seeing many stars wearing the long sleeved Alice + Olivia dress with a sequined neckline and cuff.

ISO: A White Wool Coat


I just love the white coat for this winter season.  After my shopping spree down Robson Street I noticed this one girl wearing what looked like a Mackage or Banana Republic white wool trench.  It had big black buttons and she looked so sophisticated.  I am now obsessed with finding the ultimate white coat.  Everyone owns a black trench, so while white is slowly creeping up there, it would still allow me to differ from the norm, or at least set me apart from the many black coat styles of Vancouver.  I need a   white coat!!!! NOW!

<div><a href=”;.mid=embed&amp;id=13425423″><img width=”400″ alt=”white coat” src=”; title=”white coat” height=”400″ border=”0″ /></a><br/><small><a href=”;.mid=embed&amp;id=13425423″>white coat</a> by <a href=”;.mid=embed&amp;id=1128597″>30somethingmom</a> featuring <a href=”;category_id=2″>Juicy Couture</a></small></div>

ISO: Christmas Party Dress cont’d

So, my search continues and I still haven’t found a dress for the upcoming Christmas Party.  I’ve gone to 3 malls and I’ve looked at a couple of shops downtown and I’ve yet to find a dress.  I’m starting to lose hope.  However, while on my quest for this holiday outfit, I did manage to pick up a couple of unnecessary purchases.  Shopping by your self is deadly!  You don’t have anyone around to tell you “Are you stupid? Put that down!”  Oh well, at least I scored some new clothes.  I need suggestions on what stores or websites to check out. 

click here to see my choices so far: